Quick Recipe Ideas

Scroll down to find your favourite fruit vinegar to pair with your choice of dish. Then you can click on the motif to take you to that vinegar.

Thank you very much to all the creative contributors who have supplied this wide variety of recipes and tips.


Nibbly_Pig Enjoyed WomersleyFoods cherry vinegar we bought from you with some strawberries & ice cream. #summer

Strawberries & vanilla ice cream with Cherry Vinegar

georgeatwath Pre starter; mussels, seaweed, samphire WomersleyFoods cherry vinegar and lime, black pepper & lavender dressing tonight, going down a treat

janestaunton1 Totally fab, made a gorge sauce using damson jam, red wine and your cherry vinegar! It was lush...

janestaunton1 Will be using the fruity selection from WomersleyFoods on some duck breasts this Saturday.....watch this space!

Halen_Mon We are big fans of your vinegars here at HM - lovely on fresh salads

kateigray Baked figs with Yorkshire Honey with ginger, WomersleyFoods cherry vinegar and YummyYorkshire honey and ginger.

fly276  Emergency snack. Ham + crunchy courgette! Uninspired, yes but bring on the WomersleyFoods Cherry vinegar dressing. Magic!

AgzPNE Made pear and honey smoothies for my nieces other day. Drizzle of Cherry Vinegar and it was a hit! Just chucked all in! ;) Didn't measure anything. Used 4 softish pears; vanilla ice cream/milk/runny honey topped off with cherry vinegar Whizzed in blender. Eldest sprinkled cornflakes in for bit of crunch...

fly276 mmm, tasty snack: chunky chopped courgette, rough grind seasalt, + WomersleyFoods cherry vinegar! Delicious.