Womersley Foods reduced sugar jam range. Consisting of our Raspberry & Chilli, Strawberry & Mint and Blackcurrant & Rosemary, all in 215g jars and surrounded buy fruit ingredients and prepared foods.


Fruit Jam was the original product that started the Womersley brand many years before we even thought of doing vinegars. So, we thought it would be a lovely part of our story to go “back to our roots.” We have always felt that the recipes of our vinegars lend themselves very well to inspiring new jam recipes. As a result, the three flavours we have created are Raspberry & Chilli, Strawberry & Mint and Blackcurrant & Rosemary now with up to 40% reduces sugar recipe, all in 215g jars. All of our jams are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and goes well with a variety of foods. Pop it on the kids’ warmed­up muffins in the morning. Or just with plain old toast. We’ve even tried it with piping hot oatmeal. Delicious.