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I bought the strawberry and mint vinegar at a food festival and it just lovely. Sweetness from the strawberries but with a punch of mint. Lovely as a dressing on its own. Ran out and ordered the 1ltr so I have plenty to keep me going.

Raspberry Vinegar
Mr stephen burton


I love this product!

I’ve bought Apple Cider Vinegar in South Africa, where I’m currently based, because I am aware of its benefits. But I found it most unappealing. I ordered yours and took it back to SA with me - it’s superb! I use it all the time as a salad dressing with good olive oil. I thoroughly recommend it.

I love it

This is my favourite salad dressing by far

Cherry balsamic vinegar

I bought this as a present. As always the order was sent swiftly and well packaged. I have confidence in this as a present as I have bought these products for many years and always love all of them.

Bursting berries

This jam is bursting with gorgeous blackcurrants which has the most fantastic flavour and with the rosemary as well . What a lovely combination of flavours . Proper home made jam .
Will buy again

A taste of summer

This is simply gorgeous jam with a hit of mint ( proper mint ).
Would never have thought adding mint would make such a difference but lovely . Strawberries gorgeous as well . Like proper home made jam ( well this is proper jam )
Reminds you of summer 🌞
Will buy again when finished

Very moreish

Have used raspberry vinegar for years. Now decided to try strawberry and mint. Equally delicious,for salad dressing.
And attentiveness to customer nonpareil.

Brilliant Product

Lime Black pepper our favourite
Gives all our salads and dishes that extra zing and just to add the service from Womersley is perfect
Thank you

Raspberry Vinegar
Eleanor Campbell-Kelly

The fruit vinegars are without doubt the best on the planet and worth every penny

Fabulous products

I’m really impressed with the products from Womersley. They are great quality, and the products arrive well packed. Good customer service with a personalised note with the order. Highly recommend.

Strawberry & Mint Vinegar
Elaine Townsend
taste of summer

can use so many ways, it has a fresh and elegant quality

wonderful flavour

makes lovely dressings for salads

Excellent product

I like this vinegar very much, very versatile and adds a zing to food

Raspberry Vinegar
Elizabeth Sims
Rich, tasty and very versatile

This is so good, good consistency, not as watery as other vinegars, gorgeous to drizzle and salads, tastes fabulous

Brilliant Products

Now my third or fourth order, it doesn’t matter whether Jam,Vinegar or Oil, they have all been brilliant. Totally recommend.

Wonderful Womersley

I have been purchasing Rupert’s oil and vinegars for many years. They are delightfully varied and unique and are excellent for salad dressings. The extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil adds a distinctive flavour to my casseroles and other hot dishes. I use the 250ml lemon, basil, bay & juniper vinegar frequently and I enjoy using the smaller 100ml bottles when experimenting ~ such as enhancing the taste of summer fruits with raspberry and apache chilli. The labels are both attractive and informative. The mail order service is excellent ~ the bottles are packaged carefully and securely and I enjoy reading Rupert’s enclosed hand-written messages.

Other vinegars are not a pache on this

Sublime, great on everything 24/7 .. salads, chips, fish ..should be made available on prescription by the NHS

Raspberry Vinegar
Maggie Gordon
So delicious!

This vinegar is absolutely delicious and equally perfect to drizzle over a salad or some ice cream.


Lemon, Basil, Bay & Juniper Vinegar makes salads very special.

Rich & beautifully flavoured

This is the most luxurious vinegar I have ever tasted. It has all the richness of the best balsamic vinegars combined with a deep full cherry flavour.
I have used it in all the usual places - salads, marinades, sauces but I have also found that a spoonful in a glass of gin or vodka is wonderful - dangerous, but wonderful!

Orange & Mace Vinegar
Amanda Wright
Delicious vinegar that can be used in so many different ways

This vinegar is delicious & versatile. It can be used in salads, sauces & marinades.
I have also used it with a little honey to ease a cough.

An unusual twist on raspberry vinegar

This is delicious - all the sweet flavour of raspberry vinegar with a kick.

Wonderful Service

I have just received the bottle of Blackcurrant and Rosemary Vinegar, for which I thank you so much. I have always enjoyed this vinegar since it was recommended to me by a friend. I have given it to my other friends on occasions and they have all said how delicious it is. May I also say the service is very friendly and most efficient. Very good luck with future products.

Raspberry and Apache Chilli Vinegar

What an amazing vinegar this is !
I highly recommend it..