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We have been making our award winning Fruit & Herb Vinegars and Jams for over forty years. They’re now firm favourites with home cooks and professional chefs across the country. Based in Oxfordshire, Womersley Fruit & Herb Vinegars is an independent family-owned, artisan maker of fine fruit vinegars and jams that has been delighting home cooks and chefs alike for many years.

We are passionate about quality. Just like our customers, we want the true, natural flavours of the ingredients to shine through.

When we flavour our Fruit & Herb Vinegars and Jams, we keep the recipes as simple as we can. We try to let the great fruit and herbs we use do most of the work for us. Then we taste test everything until we get the balance just right.

They work with almost anything – so let your own taste buds be your guide. We’ve certainly tried them with almost everything. Try them in your own favourite salad dressing recipes - or just as they are to give a bag of salad leaves some bite. Drizzle straight from the bottle on sturdy vegetables like broccoli, carrots or potatoes. Or give some real depth to your stews or soups.

Launched in 1979 by the Parson family, now owned and run by the Ashiru family, Womersley Fruit & Herb Vinegars continues to be a family business producing and distributing multi award winning premium, delicious Vinegars, Dressings and Jams made from quality natural ingredients, bursting with real fruits and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We aim to inspire and help you generate lots of creativity in the kitchen.

Womersley Food Fruit & Heb Vinegar range with several dishes.

Whether you need to marinade your meat, vegetables or fruits…. tenderise meat or fruits…. splash into a glass of fizz or spring water…. drizzle over any of your favourite dish…. dress a salad to impress friends and families…. popping it on warmed-up muffins or toast; our versatile, eclectic and maybe slightly eccentric medley of Fruits & Herbs Vinegars and Jams will transform your food, enhance your taste experience and delight your taste bud by bringing the country to your kitchen.

With a complex yet subtle flavour combinations, our products can be used to improve the flavour of your food, to preserve your food, fill in for missing ingredients, enhance your baking and much more - no kitchen cupboard should be without them.

Our balanced recipes allow for maximum versatility in the kitchen for both professional Chefs and home Chefs alike ensuring that the true aromas of all the fruit and herb flavours shine through.

Womersley Foods Luxury Jam range with Strawberry & Mint Jam, Raspberry & Chilli Jam and Blackcurrant & Rosemary Jam.

Whilst the making of fruit vinegars and jams is a fine old British tradition, Womersley Foods is proud to say that we have perfected recipes which will delight and surprise you.

Our multi-award winning vinegars and jams all contain generous quantities of the rich fruits which give them a luxurious finish. We have produced a range of flavours which you can use in the making of or to accompany almost any dish.

Womersley Foods Luxury Selected Gift Box range.

All our vinegars and jams are made by hand in a BRC and Salsa accredited kitchen in England, using only natural ingredients.

Our vinegars are made using 5% white or alcoholic vinegar, mixed with fruits and herbs, and reduced British sugar to solidify the fruit and spice flavours. We use a white vinegar base which is a relatively mild vinegar and an excellent base for allowing the fruits and herbs we infuse to really shine. We have also spent many years balancing the proportions, to get the best results.

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Our mission at Womersley Foods is to transform your food, enhance your taste experience and delight your taste buds; making cooking delicious food easy with our simple ingredients.

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We make

I Believe Simple Ingredients With no Nasty Additives can be Delicious

Everything that we do at Womersley Foods is centred on our core principle of “enhancing your taste experience” to delight your taste buds. With so many products out there with unnecessary additives, we value the simplicity of our products and the enhancement they give to any dish without diluting the original flavour.

My passion for cooking delicious food

Womersley was one of the first artisan, hand-crafted and family owned fruit vinegar businesses in the UK. The brand has been trusted by its loyal fans for more than 40 years, thanks to the quality of the products.

With my passion for good food and my background in design, the Womersley brand and its products perfectly blend my two passions together. I am a passionate foodie; I love to cook and seeing people enjoy the food I cook. I still cook every day and now use the different Womersley products in my cooking.

Discover The Joy of Cooking with Womersley Fruit & Herb Vinegars and Jams.

We have made cooking easy with our range of simple, no nasties, more fruits, less sugar ingredients that will allow you to create delicious meals at home or in restaurants.