Chefs on using Womersley vinegars

"Absolutely fantastic for dressings... stunning... great product."

 Simon Crannage
Head Chef at Swinton Park, Yorkshire



"I always use Womersley vinegars for all my dressings and salads; I think the vinegar is fantastic, very versatile.
It's really good fun to use.... you should give them a go. Have a try!"
Stephanie Moon
Consultant Chef of Rudding Park Hotel


Ben Spalding

"Womersley's vinegars are a revelation: I love the intensity of the flavours and they add real depth of flavour to the food I cook; the only problem is I wish I had found out about them sooner!"
Ben Spalding


Ben Varley, Chef

"Versatility like that, whilst still maintaining quality, is like gold dust to a chef like me."
 Ben Varley
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