The Parsons family at Womersley

The Womersley brand was launched by Martin and Aline Parsons from their home, Womersley Hall, in 1979 and has become one of Great Britain's leading Gourmet Brands. The home grown specialist herbs and fruits were the key inspiration of our now famous fruit and herb vinegars.
Martin attributed his expert knowledge of speciality herbs to his family's background. The Parsons family lived in Yorkshire for generations and is famous for grand gardens and horticulture at Nymans in Sussex and Birr Castle in Ireland. Martin's instinctive ability to blend specialist herbs and sumptuous fruits with vinegar and sugar has created for cooks and chefs a product of such versatility that they are rightly famous and have won numerous awards.
In 2009, Martin and Aline's son, Rupert, took on the privilege of running Womersley. Since doing so, he has outsourced the production to a high quality professional kitchen as well as rebranding the company image to make the look more inclusive. Rupert says that "growing up with a love of William Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement, I was keen to reflect this in colourful branding. Our Scandinavian artist really captured these influences whilst also reflecting my father's very colourful character."
Martin Parsons with one of his Apache Chillies